~ Addison & Bunny ~

Little Addison, I adore you. Addison and I hadn't met before her session, she was kind enough to pop in to the studio with her beautiful mum so I could test out a new backdrop (that I totally love by the way) and be a princess for a day, playing away in the clouds in front of her fairy castle.

Only one problem, that wasn't going to work. Addison decided she didn't really want to have her photograph taken and just wanted to lay down on the change table and stay there. Mum stayed by her side to ensure she was safe. It took a while, but we were able to encouraged Addison to come down and play with the wooden blocks. Yes!, she was getting closer. I just went about doing my thing so Addison would get used to me, I played with her Bunny and asked if Bunny could model for me. Addison liked this idea, so we posed Bunny on the rocking horse and then showed Addison the photos. She liked them and eventually decided that she would like to be in some photos herself. Perfect right?

Wrong, then came the clouds. Addison wouldn't have a bar of them and turns out, that was the whole problem. Even though she had barely looked at them, let along touch them, she just didn't like the clouds. Easy fix. We took them away and Addison became quite happy, playing with the blocks. All was well from that point on. So we went from thinking we may need to reschedule to having a great old time playing with blocks together on the floor.

As a parent, you may go in to a photography session, wether that be a family session or your children on their own, with all hope of getting the exact photo you were after (for me that was fluffy clouds in front of a fairy castle background), but at the end of the day, you need to be led by your child. If they can talk, really listen to them if they are feeling uncomfortable, if not, look at their actions and how they are interacting with what's around them to work out what may be going on. I never want to take a photograph where a child isn't being their true authentic self. I'd rather spend more time with your child, getting to know them and making them feel at ease, than I do clicking the button on the back of the camera if that's what's needed. I only ever want you all to feel comfortable.

And Bunny, well Bunny went on to have a bright modelling career, with her best friend always by her side.