Hello, It's me! - Tracey


I'm a Photographer, wife, mama to 3 amazing children, adventurer (but homebody) & storyteller.

I’m a firm believer that we all need to cherish our beautiful world and do all we can to help it thrive. Oh, and that Vegemite toast fixes almost everything.
You may find me hunting around our local op shops for vintage clothing, or finding treasures to re-purpose. If not there, I’ll be in the garden.

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How it all started...

My first camera was given to me at the age of eight. It was a Christmas present from my Dad. A man who never really had many words and at any family event, he was the one behind the camera. I saw him in his little world and it looked magical. I would be given a roll of film here or there to play with that would be developed. One thing was common with every photograph.... they were all of people.

Time went on and that little girl grew up and for as long as I can remember, she wanted to be a Mum.

I didn't want to work my way up in the corporate world or be jet setting around the globe. I just wanted to have my little nest, make it cosy and be a Mum.

I was still working my 9-5, that then became my part time gig. Then one day, it seriously was a light bulb moment. Why not combine my two loves. Photography and Children.

And that's just what I did. My youngest had just started full time school and I went back to school too! I thrived in the learning environment and worked my butt off completing my study.

Then one night out to dinner with my friends, I suggested a business name. Not one of them liked it, I almost cried, not that they knew it. I told them to offer me a better name suggestion and they did. "Well you've got to use your name, with a name like Sharp you need to use it."

Sharp Memories Photography was born.

Live in this moment, right now.